Sep 2, 2020

To Be Like Me

We can all use a good story these days, and we think what the folks at To Be Like Me are doing is really good.

To Be Like Me is a non-profit disability awareness program that breaks down barriers and fosters compassion. This program geared towards school-aged children, camps, clubs, and service-based businesses. Their leaders provide interactive experiences for students, parents, teachers, and employees focusing on awareness of different abilities.

We are proud to have recently worked alongside To Be Like Me to kick off their new online curriculum. We wrote an engaging script, selected motion typography, and designed graphics to produce a one-minute video for their website and shorter videos for social media.

We’re inspired, and we hope you’ll watch to see how To Be Like Me is challenging us all to have a better understanding and appreciation for others with different abilities. This will impact future interactions, spread empathy, and create a more collaborative and inclusive environment for all.

Doesn’t that make you feel good?