Dec 4, 2017

The Season of Giving

“No act of kindness – no matter how small – is ever wasted.” These are wise words Aesop wrote down centuries ago, and at Pixl, we try our very best to live by them today. All year long we look for opportunities to give back, but during the holidays you can find us serving breakfast at The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center. Our team looks forward to it, and without fail we come back feeling like we took more than we gave.

The holidays can be demanding—with employees juggling work, shopping, traveling, family, cooking, and cleaning—but there are ways your company can press the pause button and really get into the spirit of things. The gestures don’t have to be big or bold; they simply have to be from the heart. Here are a few ideas:

1.  Drives. If your business has its busy season during the winter, it can sometimes be hard to carve out time for an actual charity event. But that’s why the world invented drives! Toy drives, food drives, blood drives, clothing drives. Find a nonprofit near you and ask them what they need, and collect until you can collect no more.

2.  Volunteer. There are so many places that need help in force. From food banks to homeless shelters. From public park cleanup to home building. There are lots of organizations that will welcome your group of volunteers in mass, and the little secret is that a simple act of charity can turn into the best kind of team building.

3. Sponsor. Your company can go big or small when it comes to sponsorship. Maybe there’s a family in need within the community, or perhaps there’s a non-profit organization that could use your marketing muscle. But one of the most often-overlooked sponsorships is one that happens in-house: sponsor your employees. Carve out an afternoon when your team members can give of his/her time to the charity of their choice on your dime.

4. Party. Now, throwing a holiday party may not seem like the most generous thing to do, but that all depends. Perhaps 100% of tickets sales go directly to a charity, or perhaps to get in the door your guests have to bring a canned good. Whatever the entrance fee is, the holidays are the perfect time to pay it forward.

5. Campaign. Here’s a holiday idea that costs absolutely nothing but pays in a big way. During the holidays, use your marketing reach and social media muscle for someone other than yourself. Encourage your employees to do the same. You have the ability to shine a bright light on organizations whose only purpose is charity, and by doing so you’re giving them an invaluable gift: word-of-mouth.

6. Share. Your company has specific expertise, and sometimes the biggest present you can give is rooted in that. Pro-bono work is gratifying, no matter what field you work in. So scout out organizations that need what you have, and share it with them for free.

In the end, Pixl has discovered when our company gives, it improves our community, our brand, and our culture. Aesop was also right when he said, “one good turn deserves another.” We hope you’ll find joy in taking a good turn this season, and we wish you a very merry holiday.