Sep 5, 2019

The Pixl Way – Discovery

If you’re like us, your social media feeds are filled right now of photos of friends reminiscing over their summer vacations in beautiful destinations – and nothing quite says summer more than a beach trip with the fam. Lazy walks on the beach, sitting out in the evening listening to live music, breathing the salty air, and perhaps even an attempt at building a sandcastle. Ah, sweet summertime!

Any regular beach-goer will tell you that to construct a sandcastle, you’ll have to dig below the tideline for the best sand. This sand helps create a solid foundation, is more easily moldable, and allows an artist to shape with precision. This first step – this digging for the perfect sand – is much like our first step of any new project at Pixl – what we call Discovery.

The first handshake with a client on a new project brings with it exciting possibilities – possibilities for projects, for beautiful end results, but most importantly possibility for a special relationship built on understanding. These first steps with a client for a new project are most importantly about going beneath the surface to gain an understanding of our client, their customers, and their hopes and dreams for the project.

Discovery is a time of active listening, considering not just the details of the project, but also the true identity of our client so that as we move forward we have the best foundation and a growing working relationship that continues to thrive. During the discovery process, ideas that spring up are in the beginning stages of cultivation, as we consider branding, target market, and budget while exploring the look, tone, and voice our clients desire. Our ultimate goal is to know our clients and for our clients to know they can trust us with each production project.

Being open to possibility during the discovery process has given us the exciting ability to span all industries, from retail and medical to politics and finance and more. What a gift that Pixl is able to invest in our community and establish long-term relationships with clients that hold similar values of transparency, excellence, and respect. For any media company, it’s a privilege to continue developing true friendships with clients as project after project is met with energy and productivity right from the start.

Ultimately, the discovery process allows us to land on the inception of a concept for a new project and the next steps to ultimate production – those beginnings and eventual successes all start with building genuine relationships. Just as that perfect sand is the difference maker in shaping a beautiful sandcastle, our discovery process is all about depth of relationship – of knowing our clients, building that solid foundation, and discovering all of the possibilities along the way.