Nov 28, 2018

Stand for Her

Pixl loves all of its clients, but we especially like serving those who serve others. This month, we had the honor of producing an event for New Friends, New Life.

New Friends, New Life is an organization dedicated to restoring and empowering formerly trafficked girls and sexually exploited women. Their event—which highlighted the cause, celebrated twenty years of successes, and raised funds for the future—brought together over one thousand supporters, including Uma Thurman.

For Pixl’s part, we had an opportunity to do full-service audio visual planning, from staging to custom scenic and visual delivery of all media components. One of the most involved projects was the stage backdrop, which we designed, built and installed. After collaborating with our client, we created a depiction of the Dallas skyline interwoven with some heart wrenching facts like:

400 teens are being sold in Dallas every night.

13 is the average age a teen enters the sex trade.

$99 million is spent annually on the sex trade in North Texas alone.

Despite the heaviness of the topic, we were able to work with the New Friends New Life team to make sure the content delivery instilled a sense of hope. Because that’s what New Friends, New Life is all about. Outside of providing a support network for women and teens who are desperate to leave behind the sex trade, they also intend to reach those in need before they’re ever taken advantage of. They believe, as do we, that this fight can be won.

The fact that Pixl had an opportunity to take part in this mission—however small—is incredibly humbling. Mother Teresa once said that the greatest poverty is not hunger or homelessness, but being unwanted, unloved, or uncared for. New Friends, New Life is intent on curing this kind of poverty for North Texas. They are the voice for all those who have been silenced by their circumstances. That’s why their hashtag is #StandForHer.

Pixl is more than proud to do this, and we’re proud to stand with New Friends, New Life. Without them, the Dallas skyline just wouldn’t be the same.