Unconventional 2020

‘Unconventional 2020’ was the theme for ACEP’s conference this year – and that it was! Our team was tasked with pre-recording over 400 Educational Tracks, 4 general sessions and an event teaser and intro video. For a project of this magnitude, everyone on our team touched this project in one way or another and it took all of us working together to get it across the finish line.

A big challenge was finding a way to coordinate capture dates and times with each doctor. We used a few different tools from our production toolbox to keep us on track for this large scale of a project – from scheduling time with presenters and our team members, to a full project management system that kept all of the data and information in one spot that made it easy for our client to see the different versions where they could ask for revisions and/or approve.

While we watched way more medical videos and presentations than we ever thought we would, we got to see the hearts and minds of these brilliant doctors at work. Celebrities from around the world sent in touching videos of appreciation and encouragement that we got to share. And with as much video content we recorded – you know there were some bloopers! As unconventional as this year’s event was, we were honored to be apart of this project for our front line responders.