Pixl Quarantine Film Fest

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Quarantine Film Fest! This was such an exciting week, receiving submissions from 26 outstanding filmmakers across 12 states and 2 countries! We were amazed by each submission as every one brought a unique perspective from the young filmmakers’ eyes. It was inspiring to see everyone come together during this time, and we hope you enjoyed working on your film festival debuts!

Choosing the winners was based on whether the film featured the components set forth in the submission requirement as well as a 5-point Pixl Score from each of our team members. It was very difficult to judge as every film was so great, and you should all be very proud of yourselves!

So…without further ado…the winners are…

1st Place Quilted Ultra Plush Triple Ply Winner:

“Family Quarantine Experience” — William from Atlanta, GA

2nd Place Ultra Comfort Double Ply Winner:

“Things To Do When You’re Quarantined” — Bella from Gainesville, FL

3rd Place Place Premium Single Ply Winner:

“A Day In My Life During Quarantine” — Collin from Kenosha, WI