Night with Norm

Every year, Austin Street Center hosts several events to connect with the community and spread awareness about the homelessness in Dallas. Pixl was proud to take Austin Street Center’s Night with Norm Virtual in 2020.  Events as we know it might have stopped in 2020, but for some of our Clients, this does not stop the needs that they support.

It was a night of engaging conversation lead by radio legend Norm Hitzges of Sportsradio 1310 The Ticket and featured guests: Troy Aikman, Rick Carlisle, Bob Lilly, and Chris Woodward.


Covid-19 took all of us by storm, but has especially impacted the homeless population, who are up to four times more likely to be affected by Covid-19 than the general public.

Our 2020 Virtual Night with Norm might be over, but the needs of this organization are not.  Please join Austin Street in their continual pursuit to help their client’s transition from homelessness to independence.

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