Cinemagraphs are a magical hybrid of photography and video. They contain subtle motion that plays in a short, never-ending loop, while the rest of the image remains still. The motion highlights a few seconds from the video, blending it seamlessly into the still photo.  Since cinemagraphs are photos in disguise, they surprise the viewer when they come to life with hints of motion. This makes them a popular choice for advertisers trying to capture and hold their audience’s attention.

In our most recent Cinemagraph project, our team was commissioned to provide content for an interactive art piece for a bank lobby.  Think these are just over inflated gifs?  While they both contain a loop, a GIF is a low-quality file format that dates back to the 1980’s. Cinemagraphs are a medium, much like photography and video. Don’t get us wrong, we loved the 80’s but it’s time to take your projects into this century.