The American College of Emergency Physicians ACEP19 brought their conference back to where it all started 50 years ago, Denver.  Pixl got a front row seat in producing the biggest Emergency Medicine Conference in the world.

With the Pixl partnership, ACEP officials were able to focus their attention on the attendees and not get bogged down with the technical aspects of executing such a large event.

Imagine a story that is at once engaging and thought-provoking; an impactful message that truly captures the hearts and minds of its audience. What if the same story was told in from a different perspective? Would it lose all meaning or create a deeper, more powerful experience for the audience? We call it “Perspective.”

When first read, the script would illustrate the mundane, day to day, rinse and repeat tone of our current physicians, a point of view constantly reinforced by their everyday practices. When viewed from a patient’s perspective, what emerges is nothing short of a paradigm shift; an inspiring narrative filled with hope and encouragement knowing that a physicians mundane can be something extraordinary and miraculous for a patient.