Rise Up: MVP AKO Virtual 2021

With an event named MVP AKO, one would think that there must be some sort of most valuable player involved. While that assumption is not far off, the acronym actually stands for Member Value & Performance Annual Kick Off.
Sometimes, we have clients that need us on board for their project from start to finish…where we are apart of every aspect. But other times, we are happy to come in and assist in the areas where we are needed. That was the case for this year’s MVP AKO event.

This year, we were tasked with sharing their core values through a virtual lens. One reason we love partnering with the Vizient team, is because of their strong dedication to instilling their core values within their organization and throughout their members and vendors. We pre-recorded segments of leadership and team members sharing stories of how they have applied their core values into various situations.

In addition to the pre-recorded Core Value segments, our team also used motion graphics, typography and stock photography/videography to provide a teaser and intro video. We also got to honor top performers for this year’s Virtual Awards Ceremony.