Mar 21, 2019

Pixl: The Origin Story

In the beginning, a long, long (well 12 years) ago, our founder had a dream.

Of course, before that dream was a twinkle in her eye, she had a job in the industry. As it sent her across the country, she gained some serious skills, she took some notes, and she got some ideas.

By the time she began her very own venture—the one that would become Pixl Productions—there were two things she was certain of. One, she loved event and video production with all of her heart. And two, the industry had a gigantic hole that she was certain she could fill by putting the Almighty above the almighty dollar.

Pixl was established in 2007 with three basic goals: to be useful, to be responsible, and to be compassionate. It began with limited equipment and resources, but with a can-do attitude. In the very early days, the hours were long, punctuated by crying babies. Midnights were spent in either the rocking chair or at the desk, spots that were thankfully shared with an incredible and selfless husband who lent his time to both.

Steadily, the staff grew, the client list grew, and the workload grew, but one thing has remained the same. To this day, Pixl Production is steadfast in its mission to positively impact the lives of its customers and vendors by putting a special focus on our work, our character, and our legacy.

And this has taken many forms over the past decade, evolving with our clients’ needs. In fact, our in-house, proprietary technology is a product of our mission. After witnessing the countless hours clients spent assembling their assets for award-show use, we decided to develop an automated system that would save them time, money, trees, and thousands of CDs.

It has been this kind of investment in our customers that has grown us, not a focus on the bottom line. And we’re so grateful to our leadership for calibrating our compass this way. Our true north values significance over success. For us, a job’s purpose trumps a job’s scope, and people come before profit.

In short, we’re a purpose-driven company, and if you haven’t had an opportunity to see what a different this makes in event and video production, drop us a line. Because we’re not in business for ourselves. Truly, we’re in business for you.