Aug 28, 2018

Oh, Hi, Oh Jeff German

Ohio is the motherland of event production. The light bulb, the phonograph, and the early motion picture camera were all invented there. Put those together, and you’ve got your A/V squared away. However, a premiere event needs more than equipment. It needs people to envision, organize and implement. That’s why Pixl has snagged one of Ohio’s finest, Jeff German.

We’re thrilled to introduce Jeff as our new Senior Operations Manager. He comes to us in true Ohio fashion—following the likes of the Wright Brother and Thomas Edison—as an innovative renaissance man. He’s spent almost a decade in the production industry, working with Fortune 500 companies, concert promoters, touring management companies and festival organizers. His expertise span spec audio, lighting and video solution, staging, event safety, and show flow. He’s also extremely well-versed in artists speak, because he’s one himself. It helps when a producer has been on both sides of the mic.

He’s the lead singer of Jeff German and the Blankety Blanks. It’s a little Americana, it’s a little country, and it’s a lot of awesome. Besides that, he coaches the men’s club hockey team at Denison University. He’s a father of three, a grandfather of one, and a die-hard fan of autumn mornings, vintage amps, and Tex Mex.

If you’re wondering if there’s anything Jeff doesn’t do, don’t bother. He’s always early, he’s honest, he’s handy, and he was (and still is) the best truck loader in North America.

Okay, okay, fine. There are a few things he doesn’t do. He’ll never sit in a restaurant chair that doesn’t have a view of the front door, he’ll never understand kid’s obsession with Snapchat these days, and he’ll never regret forgoing his music career to marry his wife of 23 years, Julie.

Considering these “shortcomings,” it’s pretty obvious why Pixl feels so blessed to have him. So help us welcome Jeff into the fold, where he will be doing it all—from bid to break down. We’re excited for our clients, new and old, and we’re excited for us. Jeff is going to help us grow an already fantastic Pixl family.

So here’s to you Jeff, our newest Superman, who—by the way—was also invented in Ohio.

Of course.