Aug 15, 2017

Introducing Pixl Events

We live and die by our smartphones. We carry them in our pockets, wear them on our wrist and even our face. They serve as calendars, calculators, encyclopedic gateways, and hi-def cameras. They’ve become our lifeline as we navigate between career, family, and friends.

Yet, the native functionality of a smartphone alone doesn’t drive our demand for them. Apps lie at the heart of mobile technology, effectively rendering them digital Swiss Army tools. And we’ve experienced no shortage of app options over time.

So when Pixl considered developing a smartphone app within in the scope of what we do, we estimated that the most successful ones have a few core strengths in common: they connect communities, inform, direct, and entertain. In the event world, we need each of those as well. But we also need more—namely, the combination of all these strengths in one.

That’s why we created a proprietary app called Pixl Events.

For us, Pixl Events is much like a child. Now that it’s here, we can’t imagine life without it. Like all successful apps, we wanted to give our clients the ability to inform, direct, and entertain their attendees without driving them to a third-party application in order to do so. We also wanted to keep them from having to use ten different engagement tools and stop forcing attendees away from the event’s digital footprint. Primarily because we found it difficult to get them back once they left.

At an earlier time, multiple third-party apps commanded the waters — one for registration, one to upload media, and yet another to get attendees to wherever they were going. Now, our app has efficiently taken all of this to the next singular level.

Pixl Events is a customizable app that gives you the ability to design the interface so that it says nothing but, “Welcome to my business, my event, my show.” It allows attendees to register, upload multimedia, connect on social media, connect with sponsors, download schedules, read announcements, and stream event features.

We’ve designed an app that’s so all-encompassing, it makes a user’s cell phone an integral part of the event itself. Whether attendees carry their phones in a pocket, wear it on their wrists, or on their face—so long as it has power, it works for you.

Want to know more? We’d love to show you.