Mar 1, 2017

If You Stream It, They Will Come

A recent study determined that the average cost of a domestic business trip totaled approximately $990. Internationally, the bill clocks in at $2,525. Once you multiply these costs for a traveling team or a board, you’ll spend tens of thousands of dollars before shaking a single hand. Never mind the expense reports filed once everyone returns home, or the travel-fatigue and loss of productivity. The end story: if you plan to spend the money on travel, you want assurance that the face-time equals the investment.

On the flip side, let’s say you host of an off-site event. You make an entirely different investment with the same goals in mind. You allocate your money for venue rental, transfers, food & beverage, etc. If the meeting exists for your own employees, then you also foot the bill for the party and airfare. Sure it all adds up pretty fast, but you see value in the “live and in person” experience, and you hope others do too. You want to see the stadium full. But you hate to lose or exclude the outliers — the non-travelers, the too-busy-to-stop-employees, the cost-conscious-customers.

The big questions: How do you offer them the same event experience remotely? On a smaller scale, how do you make an online meeting feel personal, three-dimensional?

We asked this exact thing for a number of years, and after failing to find a good solution in the marketplace, we decided to make our own.

We’d like you to imagine hosting an event or meeting with the option to live stream it entirely with 99.9% reliability in uptime. Imagine the ability to reach 100% of your intended audience all over the globe in real-time. Imagine a digital repository that consolidates your content. Imagine using it on any device, without any additional hardware or software. Add to this scenario a support team, a user-friendly platform, and a secure and private connection. The streaming is high quality video that adapts to every viewer’s bandwidth. The storage is rock solid and nearly endless. Imagine an online experience so complete that it can never, ever be confused with an archaic conference call. Also, imagine saving tens of thousands of dollars in travel fees.

Can you picture it?

We hope so, because it’s real. It’s ours. And it’s also yours.

It’s Pixl LiveStream.


We understand the logistics and costs associated with a global economy because we also experience it. We’ve produced enough events and meetings to recognize where to best allocate your time and money. We understand the importance of balancing accessibility with attendance.

LiveStream technology has grown to serve everything from enormous corporate events to small-scale team meetings. It’s the most comprehensive technology available for event streaming services, and we’ve got it.

If you stream it, they will come. We invite you to give it a try.