Jul 7, 2020

How We Are Adapting Our Events During the Pandemic

Like the rest of the world, over the past months we have felt our work and perspective shift at Pixl. Necessity has indeed been the mother of invention, and our team has balanced the shift that has come with COVID-19 by seeking to listen and find ways for our clients to overcome new barriers so that their vision and goals are achieved.

Four months ago we never anticipated factoring hand-sanitizer stations and social distancing protocols into in-person events or thinking through how to restructure yearly events into events just as powerful, but now outdoors or virtual. Thankfully, our staff is skilled at thinking outside of the box and exploring options for successful and safe events, and our video production team continues to push the boundaries of creativity to produce dynamic content that spans the gamut of company visions and client needs. 

The transition has been both rapid and rewarding. Clearly, safety is paramount for the in-person events that we have designed over the last few months. Recently, we accomplished our first socially-distanced graduation ceremonies that included front row seats for families beaming with pride, as individual attention was lavished on each graduate. A highly detailed plan included multiple “on deck” covered queuing stations so that a line never formed. We also had three stages at each stadium staffed with a fully masked welcoming crew that was stocked with hand sanitizer and water. Our production team was behind the scenes, gathering video and audio footage to create a graduation video for every graduate to have to look back on this crazy time. Together, with our clients, we created a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience for graduates and their families that they will be able to look back on and remember forever!

Through this experience and other projects over the last few months, we have realized the power of video has never been more potent. Video is simply how the world is connecting and communicating. Our innovative production team has been busier than ever because companies want to begin or continue sharing their messages across platforms during these months. While in-person business is at a standstill, video moves business through the fluidity of streaming, pivoting, and even multi-day virtual events that showcase a range of stakeholder voices and vantage points so our clients can continue to see their messages flourish.

Without a doubt, Pixl has always believed in the power of community, and we know that finding ways to keep each other safe and healthy will inform our work as we continue on our path as innovative leaders in event planning and production. Pixl cares about its clients, and we will continue to strive to make our business a force for hope and good in this world.