Nov 12, 2018


Without our veterans, the world would be a very different place. But on a smaller scale, Pixl would be a very different company. Our ranks have been surrounded and influenced by good service men and women. Our top brass has been infiltrated. Our A/V comrades have survived more than a production-day tour of duty.


We are constantly humbled by them. We are also forever changed.

Take for example retired PO2 Dearing Garner, USN. If he hadn’t joined the Navy, he would’ve never married “the prettiest little girl in Memphis,” and then he wouldn’t have ended up with a daughter named Laura. And without that daughter, Pixl wouldn’t have a production coordinator.  Laura credits her Morse-code typing, airplane-engineering father for giving her a sense of fearlessness. But, she also looks up to her father-in-law, retired SPC Ken Rhoades, USA. Both of these men are a shining example of sacrifice, courage, and patriotism.

So is our senior operations coordinator, LTJG Jeff German, USNR. He’s Pixl’s commander in the north, but not before he served six years in the Navy. And if he’s an example to us, his father—who served in World War II—is an example to him. What would our country, or company, look like without men like these?

Or men like our A/V partner, former Sgt. Braden Bergman, USMC, who served in Iraq. Braden is cool under pressure and can adapt to anything we throw at him. This is what you get when you have a Marine on your team…or in your family. Our senior producer’s grandfather, retired Cpl. Ronnie Hall, USMC, served in Vietnam where he made his life-long friends. It’s that sort of loyalty to country and comrades that makes us all unworthy.

It also makes us strive for more.  Here at Pixl, we cherish the values our veterans instill in us. Our CEO’s father-in-law, retired PO2 Marty McNeeley, USN, spent four years in the service and brought home the belief that you should contribute to whoever you’re with, and enhance wherever you are.  Another family member of our head honcho, AW2 Erin McDonald, USN, returned to share the simple facts she learned while serving: life is fragile, every moment is a gift, and we’re blessed to be American. If you see the same attitude here at Pixl—and we hope that you do—thank her, and the military at large.

Everyday Pixl has the opportunity to help our client’s celebrate their achievements, promote their products, and serve their communities. But none of it would be possible without the brave men and women who have given of themselves for this country. This Veteran’s Day, join us in celebrating them. They are our parents, our grandparents, our children, and our friends.

They are our coworkers, our clients, and our subcontractors—which over here at Pixl means: they’re our family.