Dec 3, 2019

Gaining Ground

The tread hits the pavement – new tires zoom around the track for the first time. It took concepts, planning, and thinking through foreseen obstacles to ensure that the product would perform as expected and was built to exact specifications – on paper. But the moment the wheels begin to turn on the asphalt is similar to the energy during the next phase of Pixl’s production process. From discovery and concept, the CREATE phase begins with a tangible gaining of ground toward the ultimate final production.

David Hamilton, Senior Producer at Pixl, describes this process as the art of listening through every check-in with a client, never pushing an idea but instead pursuing a collaborative climate that uniquely meets each client’s individual needs. Throughout the create phase, it’s important for a production company to keep its clients updated and a part of the process on each decision that impacts the look, design, and tone of the production.

The CREATE phase involves tasks like designing graphics, shooting and editing video, and writing scripts. It’s this movement from abstract to concrete that allows a client to offer real-time feedback and input so that the project consistently gains definition and adheres to the vision set-out during the discovery and concept phases.

Many production companies might hold the creative development of the production too closely and get carried away during this step of the process and its own ideas for the final product, but for a production company to experience continued success, it is vital that the client is a part of this step at each point. Listening to clients simply leads to a better creative process and in turn, better results.

When the creative step has been continually aligned to a client’s vision, the next step – refining the production – becomes “outstanding and amazing” according to Hamilton, and fidelity to a client’s vision throughout the CREATE step, “makes it all worth it.” Clients give their initial thoughts on the production during the discovery step, the Pixl artists move those thoughts toward concept, and now, it’s time to take the rough storyboards, sketches, and abstract to reality – it’s time to CREATE. And it’s time for the rubber to meet the road.