Mar 7, 2018

Drones, Panoramas and Pixl

There was a time, not so long ago, when one of Pixl’s producers, David, was hanging out of a helicopter trying to capture aerial footage. This was during the pre-drone days, when that sort of expansive storytelling was not for the faint of heart. It took lots of time, money and guts.

For example, one of the most famous aerial recordings happened in 1964, when Julie Andrews twirled around on a mountaintop for the opening scene of The Sound of Music. The production required oxen to pull camera equipment uphill, it took gallons of helicopter fuel, and it lasted a full week. But during the 50th anniversary special with Diane Sawyer, they recreated the scene, this time using a drone. The shoot was complete in half an hour, with just four takes. No aircraft necessary, no cranes, no twenty-man crews.


Nowadays, drone footage is not only nice to have; it’s an expectation. Our clients love the bird’s eye view. And who can blame them? Drone footage gives a perspective of a wider landscape, it has a dream-like quality, and it adds this all-encompassing movement to a shoot.

Simply put: it feels BIG.

Here at Pixl, that’s our whole job when we’re helping you deliver a product, event or message to your audience. We want it to feel BIG because it is big. And that’s why we have the best camera drone operators around. Aside from the artistry of it—which includes expertise on the magic hours for filming—they’re knowledgeable of the latest FAA rules, the expected etiquette in the air, and overall safety. And for producers like David, who survived the maverick days of helicopters, keeping a cool head and a steady hand while flying camera drones is no big deal.

Yes, drones began as a purely military endeavor, but now they’re here to serve you. They can go where man can’t. They can capture stills or video, depending on your needs. They can do fly-bys, they can follow, they gently rise or give endless horizontal landscapes.

Pixl uses all these tricks and more to tell your story, because we believe that every commercial building, every employee group shot, every product panorama deserves the same love 20th Century Fox gave Julie Andrews. That’s why our drones will climb every mountain, ford every stream, and follow every rainbow—because it’s our job and pleasure to capture your dream.