Oct 3, 2019

Breathing Life into a New Project – Concept

A new project has arrived. Energy pulses as ideas are generated, expanded, scrapped, reborn. The vision each new client brings to the table brings with it a burst of ideas. Conceptualizing a client’s vision is like breathing life into the abstract – finding a way to see the vision realized.

It’s important to begin the process of conceptualization with brainstorming. Brainstorming helps to generate just the right voice, tone, and look for the project. Rapid-fire communication and deliberation among team members combines with current research throughout this process. “It’s putting the pen to paper, putting the plan together, doing the work. That’s what drives the process,” says Brittany Davison, senior producer at Pixl. Keeping up-to-date digital folders for the latest trends in production is also vital. Brittany adds, “I’m constantly looking for inspiration and when I find it, I put it in a folder.”

The next step in conceptualizing is sifting through the influx of ideas and forming them into roughly three concepts. These three concepts begin the basis for a catalog of ideas delivered to clients – opening up a dialogue so that even in this step, the concept is refined and tuned. It’s important to keep in mind a client’s budget concerns and factor them into this step of the conceptualization process as well. Through fleshing out several ideas, clients can see the realm of possibilities in order to determine which concept highlights the vision to perfection.

During the concept phase, sometimes a challenge breeds creativity and often produces the most fantastic results.  A team member recalls just such a challenge: The problem: a cavernous space that the clients wanted to infuse with intimacy. The solution:  reimagine the space and develop an innovative and nuanced setting that captures a more personal atmosphere.

Each project entrusted to Pixl is forged through our process: discovery, concept, create, define, deliver. Challenges open doors to creativity.  From gathering information, sharing the latest trends, and building on past success, the conceptualization practice at Pixl breathes life into a client’s key vision and moves the project toward delivery.