Oct 3, 2017

A Bright Idea

Thomas Edison. Without question, we know him as one of the greatest inventors in history. Among his most famous ideas: the light bulb, which was originally mass-produced with carbonized bamboo filament. Yes, that’s right, bamboo.

Of course things have evolved. People and companies took his idea and made it better. Corning made it cheaper to produce, GE developed better filament, and now we fill light bulbs with semiconductor material instead of grass.  However, none of these possibilities exist without Edison first testing over 3,000 different versions, and later, other inventors partaking in some serious idea-building.

Here at Pixl, creative collaboration runs deep in the soul of our business. We might consider Thomas Edison our mascot. He speaks our truth. He said, “The value of an idea lies in the using of it,” and we agree. We love ideas, but we like seeing them in action even more.

We like to think of our production process as a microcosm of the invention process. After coming up with an idea—which is often the easy part—we rely on improvisational principles to find the best way to tackle it. We listen, we brainstorm, we test theories, we refine, and finally, we deliver.

If you come to us with a need—a video, an event, or even something as simple as a logo—we start by asking you questions. Lots of questions. Some of them may seem unusual, but they help us think outside the box. We thrive outside the box. We like asking things tantamount to: “Have you thought about using bamboo for this?”

Once we’ve exhausted ourselves gathering information about you, your goals, your budget, and your target market, we go forth and develop a concept. At this point we have our pencils and erasers out, unafraid to use either one of them. We dabble in Edison’s sketchbook, if you will.

Next, we look over the concept together, measuring it early and often against expectations. We constantly ask ourselves: How can we do this better for you and for your customer? As we get closer to outlining things in permanent ink, we refine it. Bamboo becomes tungsten; tungsten become semiconductor material. Before you know it, we no longer doodle invention illustrations. We’re ready to turn the lights on, so to speak. But that doesn’t mean things end there. Ever-changing circumstances always keep us on our toes, and the creative collaboration continues until the very end.

We pride ourselves on many things, but none more than our ability to brainstorm, to react to evolving environments with innovative solutions, and to turn thoughts into things. We also believe that we cannot produce your product or event without you. There are no vacuums at Pixl, even though (ironically) they are necessary to build a light bulb. We work best when working together. And like Edison also said, “There is no substitute for hard work.”

We concur, and we’re ready to work hard toward the brightest ideas for you.