Dec 19, 2018

2018, In Review

Metrics are important to any business. Sales Figures. Profit and Loss. Client satisfaction. Companies measure themselves constantly because it’s a natural component of goal setting. So of course Pixl has done its fair share of this in 2018 to make sure we’re improving, evolving, and growing.

But it’s important to us that we don’t get so lost in the metrics that we forget about the numbers behind the numbers. These are the sneaky measurements that you won’t see on an industry report, but they’re just as vital. With that in mind, we’ve decide to open our books, so to speak, and let you see some of the figures that attest to our company’s culture of success in ways no profit or loss statement can.

36,000 – The largest event crowd we’ve served, including onsite and live streaming participants.  That’s like throwing a party for the entire town of Springfield, VA.  Amazing, right?

13,500 – Roughly the number of emails sent from our server to our clients in 2018. Based on email word-count averages, this would equate to 33.74 copies of Moby Dick, and though we don’t expect a literary award anytime soon, we’re pretty sure we’d get a gold star in communication.

3,410 – The round-trip mileage for our farthest voyage in 2018. No, we didn’t have to travel in covered wagons, but we still think this is a great example of how far we’ll go to deliver.

100+ – The amount of Chipotle burritos that have been purchased and shared amongst the team in 2018. No one goes hungry around these parts, especially David.

80 – The number of projects completed in 2018.  That equates to one project being closed every 4.5 days and we’re proud of every single one of them.

48  –The quickest turnaround in hours for a video production that was filmed across four different cities. If you’d like to know how we pulled it off, please refer to 2.5: Coffee.

16 – The number of new clients in 2018 who have entrusted their work with us.

7– The average number of books read in 2018 by any given Pixl team member, which makes us happy. We’re constantly learning, expanding our point of view, and stretching our creative muscles even when we’re off the clock.

5 – The average number of debates on random topics we’ve had per week. Besides being creative and energetic, our team is very engaged in current events, from politics to royal weddings to Pop Tarts. That’s why there’s never a dull moment here.

2.5 – The average number of cups of coffee consumed daily by each member of our team. Decaf? What’s that?

2 – The number of new team members that have joined the Pixl family. They’ve rounded us out, shared the load, and made us look good.

2019 – The year ahead of us where we will have the opportunity to serve our clients, serve our work family, and hopefully somehow do our part to serve the greater good.

From all of us at Pixl, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and don’t ever forget to count your blessings!