• The DISCOVER stage is the most crucial piece of the PIXL process. We dig deep to understand who you are and what makes you and your customers tick. Get ready to answer a lot of questions. Get ready to lose sight of the shore and discover new oceans.

  • Once we know you, we’re ready to develop a CONCEPT. Our team will cultivate ideas based on your branding, target market and budget.  We outline the project, develop scripts, and help you find the voice, tone and look that will ultimately become the finished product.

  • Some artists pride themselves on their creative chaos. We pride ourselves on our creative coordination. In the CREATE phase, we have a set of checks and balances to ensure you’re actively involved as your idea grows into action.

  • Sure, you’ve defined the melody, but what happens when you change the key? The REFINE phase attests to Pixl’s range for any song. This stage is continuous, giving you an opportunity to reflect, change and ultimately refine your project until it’s perfect.

  • DELIVER. It’s what we do. Your Pixl team will be available until the credits roll, the stream fades or the curtain falls. And they’re always ready for an encore.


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  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Humility